And the english then !!! :-))

Hello and welcome on my "Big" portfolio!
I created this portfolio as to mask a pose(installation) in a life which takes off at top speed.
I did not think of liking so much the photo and nevertheless it became a passion!
It is a true torque(moment) of freedom, exchange and confidence(trust) with the photographer.
You can contact me by leaving me a young (or length:-)) message.
Mrs to criticize also, because the criticism is always constructive... I answer alwaaayyyyysssss.
I thus look for; serious projects, as shifted, fashions, advertisements, etc...
Roles for the cinema and theatre also.
But always in the Cheerfulness, the Pleasure and the Passion.
In very soon
" A photo? It is the moment which stops, the feelings which remain, and the life which goes away "
Jérome Touzalin

My Conditions

In the event of nude:
I ask a contract of right to the image is established and signed.
According to work requested, I can be caused to ask you for an financial equalization.
But in the majority of the cases, I accept "TFCD".

  • underclothing
  • glamour portrait
  • nude artistic
  • painters and classes of paintings
  • well other things, maybe?

Thank you to specify me your site, blog, or others so that I can appreciate your work.

I didn't send photographs to the collectors (except if it wishes to acquire some by the way known as normal: purchase).

Precision and physical complement:
I don't have a worthy collection of clothing a Top Models because of my big size.
Nevertheless, I can sufficiently bring the necessary one to carry out the topics which one will have defined together.
Thank you for your attention ;-))

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